Friday, January 11, 2013


Hiiii InstaFriday. Long time, no partake. I'm glad to be back! Here is a peek into our week using Instagram photos only.

It has been a long week in the Rapp household. Tommy was let go from his job on Monday out of the clear blue. On top of that, work kicked my butt this week. So, I decided to indulge in a lot a bit of wine. This is my new fav from Trader Joes and it's a whopping $4. Can't beat that with a stick!

As far as Tommy's situation is concerned, we are still working on that. Trying to see "the silver lining" and pray that something good will come from this. 

One of my best friends came over on Monday night to watch the season premiere of The Bachelor. Yes, I know its trashy and no, I don't care. Chinese food and quality time with my bestie was just what I needed to relax from an emotionally draining day. Here was my fortune. 

Hooray for hardwood floors! Tommy and his Daddy-o ripped out the carpet in our dining room (because who carpets a dining room?) For the most part, we are happy with how the floors look but we are still deciding what we want to do. Rug? Refinish? Replace? The options are endless.  

We also painted our bedroom and replaced the comforter, sheets and pillows. I decided to go with gray, white and yellow and I am loving it. Now we just need to replace our headboard and furniture. That ought to happen in 20 years.

Grayson has discovered the camera and loves it. We have a ton of pictures just of the two us being silly.

My Erin Condren planner FINALLY arrived. I can't wait to write in it...

 Check out the cover! I'm loving the colors!

By the by, have you checked out Pioneer Woman's new (ish) cookbook? I got it for Christmas and am totally obsessed. Everything looks delish. We tried the sloppy joes first because we wanted to try something the boys could eat too. Except these were a little too spicy for them. Tommy and I loved them. I'm looking forward to trying more.

How did you spend your week?
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  1. Love your new bedding and the planner. I'm so sorry about your hubby's job...that is very disheartening. I hope that he can find something soon! Visiting from Life Rearranged :)

    1. Thanks Mandy! PS. I voted for you! ;)
      Have a great weekend!

  2. hoppin' over from the link-up! oh, hon, sorry to hear about the job. looks like you guys are getting the house projects done in the meantime - way to go! we just did the floors in our master bedroom last weekend, and i can't believe the difference in my allergies without that grody carpet from 1989. toasting you and that glass of vino with my hot buttered rum tonight! hang in there.

    1. Thanks much for your kind comment! I'm confident everything happens for a reason and something better will come along! Cheers ;)


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