Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Bachelor: Season 17 Also Known As Sexy Sean's Season

I know. I know. Here I go again with my crazy Bachelor posts. Call me a dork, I'm totally cool with it. I  have been so excited for The Bachelor to start for multiple reasons but mainly because it's the perfect excuse to get together with my bestie. Also because it gives me a chance to wind down. Who doesn't need a little down time with trashy television?! Not to mention Sean is hot. hot. hot. Shall we dig in?

Since when does the show bring back another contestant just to chit chat? weird. And since when are Sean and Arie friends?That entire scene with Arie and Sean was just bizarre. Kissing tips? Really ABC? Lets move on.

I have to say, the first episode is one of my favorites. I love "meeting" the girls. Tierra.. um. one word. cray cray. OK two words. She is going to be a handful. I can tell already. Yes, Sarah only having one arm definitely makes you different. Lets not state the obvious. She seems very sweet though. And are you kidding me?! 50 shades of gray girl? Where did the producers find you? A WI girl!! YAY. I might have to give her my support just because her name is Kristy AND because she is from Wisco. wait. wait. wait. A professional organizer?! Never mind. That's my girl. Ashlee=organizing and I am all about organizing.

These introductions are ridiculous! um. handshake girl. The best you could think of was a handshake. wow. The singer too. I was embarrassed for her. And she was SO TAN. I can't get over it. WHERE did they find these girls? Taryn is cute. And what is with the word hunk? I didn't realize people still said hunk. Ohhhhhhhh....poor Robyn. I wanted her flips to work out.

Tierra. Could you be anymore awkward with your "i wanna kiss" face? You are adorbs but a little aggressive for my taste. A rose already, Sean? Then "I'm hoping that doesn't create any tension from the other girls." Wishful thinking my friend. Wishful thinking.

To be honest, there were some seriously weird intros this season (coupled with some really bad fake tans and hair). whoa. we are already talking about home dates? yikes. dress girl?! AND she kissed him! Double ahhhhhhh!!! KACIE B. I LOVED her on Ben's season and I still love her. I'm excited she is on and don't care that she has already had her chance on a previous season. Desiree seems genuine too.

"Just for clarification that was not the first impression rose, it was just the first rose." Claws are coming out early. Wedding dress girl is too drunk and so embarrassing. She needs to go. Oh, spoke too soon. 50 shades girl is too drunk and needs to go home. I am afraid for Sean. He brought a rape whistle. This entire convo is killing me right now...and she feel down the stairs.

Then Taryn with the tears and the "I've never had to fight for a guy and I don't want to." Hello. You are on The Bachelor. What did you think you were signing up for?! Of course you are fighting over a guy.  Then again, she said she never saw the show so maybe she really didn't know what it was all about.

Eliminations. Sean definitely sent home the right girls. This season looks fab. I can't wait to see next week!
Your thoughts?!

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