Friday, August 3, 2012


Hi friends! I'm back from my little blogging hiatus. July is always just such a busy month for us with our vacation, birthdays, the 4th and then poor Gray baby was so sick. Plus, things got kinda crazy on the home front with something really exciting in the works. Can't spill the beans quite yet but hopefully soon. Anywho, I thought it was time to share what we've been up the past couple of weeks using only cell phone pics because that is what InstaFriday is all about! Join in on the fun!!

We have been quite busy with t-ball on Tuesday nights and soccer on Wednesdays. Now that coaching is done for Tommy we've really enjoyed being able to go to Aidan's games together. The past month or so has been really hot though. Notice, the brown grass and the boy chugging a gallon of water.

Tommy turned 31 while we were on vacation so when we got back we went out to dinner with my in-laws. The restaurant we went to is at an outdoor mall so we let Aidan play in the fountains after dinner. Grayson really seemed to enjoy watching his big brother play in the water.

How happy does he look?! He had an absolute blast. I'm pretty sure he is sitting on one of the fountain jets in this picture. Apparently he thinks that is very funny.

My baby got his first haircut...his hair was just too long. Doesn't he look so much older now? He did an awesome job. I took him to one of those places that caters to kids. It was a bit more than a typical haircut would cost but totally worth it. Grayson got to sit in a car and pretend to drive. They had televisions at each individual station for the kiddos to watch, little toys to play with. It was pretty over the top.

We also celebrated one of my besties birthdays this past weekend and holycamoley did we have fun! We went out to dinner, took a boat ride on the river through downtown, stopped and listened to a band. It was a wonderful time. I am such a homebody and it felt really good to just be able to get out of the house for awhile and spend some quality time with amazing friends. We are so lucky.

Ahhhhhhh!!! Check out our new table!!! Isn't she a beaut? I am so excited. We looked and looked for a library table to put behind our sectional and we just could not find what we were looking for. Everything we found wasn't the right height or length or the color was wrong. It was always something. Lucky for us, Tommy's uncle is an awesome craftsmen and he whipped this table right up. I LOVE it. Now, all we need is a little paint and drawer pulls. Hoping to attack this project in the upcoming week. Does anyone have any tips for me? If so, please share. I've never painted furniture before and I'm afraid I'm going to ruin it so wish me luck.

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