Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aidan's Pirate Party

We had a little party for Aidan on Sunday to celebrate his 6th birthday. Last year we had a huge party with family and friends so we decided to keep things a bit more low key this year. Aidan is really into pirates so choosing a theme was easy. I lucked out in the party planning department because my MIL wanted to host, which made things really easy for me. I didn't have to do much of anything but enjoy myself, which was nice.

She found these cute napkins from Target...I thought they went perfect with the theme.
Aidan and Grandpa built both of these Lego pirate ships for Aidan to just play with when he goes over to their house. We used them as centerpieces. I wish I had taken a close up. Cathy, my MIL, also bought pirate themed stickers so Aidan could "decorate" the tablecloths however he wanted it. My only real contribution was the eye patches that we put around each pirate ship for party-goers to grab and wear. 
The eye patches were definitely made for small children who don't have large heads though. Many eye patches broke because our heads were too big. OOPs. We tried, rather unsuccessfully, to take a family picture. Aidan was doing his "Arrgh matey" and happened to punch me in the face.It was hilarious!  
Cathy made delicious food! We had the choice of steak, chicken or pheasant kabobs with potatoes and veggies, a lettuce and pear salad and fruit salad. SO GOOD! 
We are blessed with very generous family and friends. Aidan was spoiled rotten and got really nice gifts. His favorites were the Lego City Police Station and his "army guy" buildings. Grayson didn't want to miss out on the action either. He was happy just playing with the wrapping paper though. 

Aidan with all of his "loot." 

Isn't this picture great?! He looks so serious. Nana and Papa got him some "spy gear" which was equipped with a set of walkie-talkies and  this awesome headset. He LOVES it!! After he opened gifts it was the first thing he played with. He also got a marshmallow shooter from Great Grandpa that he carried around with him to shoot all the bad pirates at the party.

After eating and playing with a few of his gifts, we sang happy birthday and called it a day. Happy 6th Birthday Monkey!!!! We love you and hope you had an awesome party!

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