Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dear Grayson

You are 14 months today. I can't believe I just wrote that. How are you 14 months already?! Sloooooooooooow down and stop growing so fast will ya?!  You've finally outgrown your infant car seat and are now in a big boy car seat. You recently got your haircut for the first time and you did awesome! You don't look like a baby anymore.

You love looking at books and being read to. Whenever you want to read a book, you bring one over and throw it at me over and over again. I think I can recite most of your books without even looking at the words. You love "On the Night You Were Born," "Treasure Beyond Measure," and "I Love You Through and Through." You cry at bedtime because you never want to stop reading. You like to point to the pictures and tell me what you're pointing at. You say things like doggy, mama, da and nose. You have also discovered Elmo and Sesame Street. It's scary how much you like Elmo. As soon as you hear the theme song you immediately stop whatever it is you were doing to go over to the TV to watch Elmo sing and dance. You like to join along and I love to watch you point and laugh at your furry friends. You love to play with anything that makes noise or lights up. You also love to play outside and throw balls.

You use a sippy cup now at meals and only get a couple of "bubbas" throughout the day. I would guess we will be finished with "bubbas" completely within the next month. You LOVE to eat but are still so tiny. I don't know where you pack it all in. While you love to eat you are very particular with what order you eat your food in. You prefer a variety and not one thing all at once. I always know when you've had enough of something because you start to throw your food which I am not a huge fan of. You are very feisty, just like your mama!

You started walking shortly after your first birthday and never looked back. Your crawling days are long gone. You like to try to run too in order to keep up with Aidan but you haven't quite mastered running yet.  Aidan or "Ada" as you call him, is your best buddy. You adore him and try to do whatever he does. He loves to make you laugh and play ball with you.

You've also been sick quite a bit lately which is hard on you and on mama. I recently heard a phrase about "embracing the current season of your life" and I think that phrase fits this time in our lives perfectly. As hard as it is when you are sick I know that there will come a time when you won't need me to snuggle you and wipe your nose. That makes me so sad. So as hard as it is when you are sick, I'm going to do my best to embrace this time in our lives because I don't want to imagine the day when you don't need me anymore. Before I know it you will be starting Kindergarten just like Aidan is. I love you sweet boy. Never lose your spunk! xo

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