Friday, July 13, 2012


This week was scary, tiresome and frankly emotional draining. There were some fun moments too though.  

I haven't taken Aidan on a "date" in a long time. I think the last thing we did was back in April when we took him to see a play. We were overdue, so I took him out for donuts on Saturday morning. Just me and him and we went in our jammies. He was a bit apprehensive about wearing his jammies but then got over it. Aidan had the rainbow sprinkle donut and I had a glazed donut.

This is the mess in our backyard. We have several trees that are completely overgrown, twisted and just ugly. On Saturday my husband and a wonderful family friend started the long arduous task of getting rid of it. I wish I had a before pic!

I bought "sidewalk tattoos" from the dollar store a couple of weeks ago. Aidan and I attempted to play with them this weekend. We drew a street on the sidewalk and then posted speed limit signs, stop signs and construction signs throughout our road. Aidan had fun driving on the road and I was the "police woman" patrolling. He has such an awesome imagination. I love it.

Tommy's birthday is next week while we are on vacation so we celebrated with his parents over the weekend. Tommy must have chocolate cake on his birthday. Aidan got to help blow out the candles.

We thought Gray was feeling a bit better on Sunday so we let him splash in the baby pool. No such luck though.

Could he be any cuter? His Auntie Meghan got him this outfit for his birthday. So.cute :)

My poor sick guy. We did a lot of this. Just snuggles and sleeps on the couch. I think we've turned a corner though. (fingers crossed!!) He slept through the night last night.

On my way home from work yesterday I stopped and picked McDonalds up for the boys. I wanted to get something cold for Grayson because I'm worried his mouth is sore and Aidan is always down for a chicken nugget happy meal.

Hooray for vacation! I am looking forward to floating on the lake with a cold beverage in hand. Have a wonderful weekend! 
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