Friday, June 8, 2012


Hello Friday and hello Summer! Now that summer is here, we are BUSY and I'm welcoming it. Check out what we were up to this week...

This Mama enjoyed a little escape. Is there a better way to relax? I think not. Coffee. Hair color and cut. Sign me up.

Hellllllo Milwaukee! One of my girlfriends recently graduated from UAB with her Masters. I am so happy for her. Her graduation party was held on a rooftop down town. This was the view. Isn't it beautiful?

Cheers to the graduate!

The theme for the party was all white. I was a rule breaker (go figure).

Tommy and I were able to spend some quality time together as well. This picture is so typical of us. Once the picture was taken, Tommy said something to me about spilling my drink on him, which of course I apologized for because I felt bad. However, if you look closely, WHO is spilling on who? That's what I thought ;)

We may have overindulged a bit. After the party the two of us went out for one more drink just to talk and catch up. It was really nice but was I TIRED the next day.

Grilled pizza anyone?   You MUST try this!

My poor little bugger was sick this week. Makes for one tired boy and one tired Mama. Lets not comment on how gorgeous I look in this photo, mmmkay?

I too had to take a trip to the doctor this week. Ever heard of pityriasis rosea? Yeah, me neither until this week. Pityriasis rosea is an AWESOME red rash that appears on your body for no good reason. Apparently it is a virus and it lasts for up to twelve weeks. Did I mention that it itches like CRAZY? Cross your fingers that it doesn't last that long please.

My baby graduated from 4K on Wednesday...I can't believe it.The ceremony was outside. Each child was given a leaf with the name of the school they would be attending for kindergarten. When their name was called they hung their leaf on a "growing" tree to symbolize their growing up and moving onto kindergarten. Isn't that cute?! They also sang a sang about being ready for kindergarten and then were given a diploma. Aidan was so excited.

He is definitely ready for kindergarten. He will be six in August so technically we could have started him in kindergarten last year. We held him back because he would have turned five two days before kindergarten started, which means he would have been one of the youngest in his class. Academically, I think he would have been fine. I was worried about how he would do socially, so we kept him back and I couldn't be happier. I know now without a doubt that he is ready.

Aidan and his buddy Tyler O from school on their graduation day.

My heart. The boy who changed my life for the better. I am so proud of you Aidan Thomas. All my love always. Love, Mama 

Have an awesome weekend! It's supposed to be HOT here. We are planning on swimming all weekend!
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