Thursday, June 7, 2012

Comments on the Shenanigans that is The Bachelorette

I'm a working mama. Raising two littles and taking care of all the various things that go along with that. It's awesome. But a girl needs some down time. During my quiet time I enjoy watching reality TV. Big deal? I think not.

I found myself totally enthralled with The Bachelor and now with The Bachelorette. You too? Ok good. Who is your favorite? I love Arie, Jef and Sean.  Do you like Emily? I have to say, I go back and forth. On The Bachelor, I LOVED her...I"m not so sure I feel that way anymore. She is totally gorge but rather annoying. Did you watch this weeks episode? Here's what I thought about it:

I love how Doug was freaking out about his one-on-one with Emily and how all the guys were teasing him. I didn't think guys freaked out before dates but apparently, I'm wrong. Frankly, I think Doug is F.O.S. He seems so fake and perfect.  His ex-girlfriends biggest compliant about him would be that he didn't wash her car enough? Really? I don't buy it. I did think it was rather amusing how he flipped the question around on Emily and she said her biggest fault would be not working out or wearing her pajamas in public. Again. I don't buy it. Side note. Why does Emily think Doug is so good looking?! I know everyone is entitled to their own "type" but I just don't see what is so great about Doug.  

Of course sailing is "your element," Kalon. You are a snob. And poor Jef's hair in the wind. His little pouf looked so funny all wind blown. I was definitely all about the yellow team winning. Could Sean have been any hotter? I wish he had been on the yellow team too. On the group date at the beach with the winning team, what was up with that white carpet they were wrapping themselves in? I thought it looked like a shag carpet. Perhaps a bigger blanket would have worked better.  Emily is totally into Arie. Its so obvious. And Jef was adorbs but why didn't he kiss her?! I was so bummed! I think I like counted like 15 "likes" during Jef and Emily's conversation. Stop saying "like" its not cute. I was so happy he got the rose.
And then there is Ryan. Ryan=SUCK. Clearly he is only interested in being on television. He couldn't care less about Emily. He called her a trophy wife for goodness sakes. Who does that? What was he even talking about when he said he wants to see Emily impact peoples lives. Impact them how? Did I miss something?

Umm, Nate and John "wolf," who are you? I don't think I have ever seen or heard them speak before this episode. I thought the caves looked awesome but talk about an awkward place for that date. It was so quiet in there. You could feel the weirdness. I knew as soon as Nate started crying he was going to go home. Bye bye Nate.

Ryan sucks. Oh wait, I already said that. He is so jealous of Arie. I wish someone had heard him say ABC should do an "Augusta" version of the Bach with him. GO HOME ALREADY. I was glad to hear Emily say something to Chris about how she is onto Ryan and his games. Thank gawd.  I was so happy when Arie interrupted them talking too. But why did he need validation from her? Obviously she is super into him.What was up with Jef's outfit? HORRENDOUS. Those dress socks pulled all the way up with shorts is not a good look. yikes. And her ponytail was so FAKE. Even Tommy noticed.

I don't know if telling Emily all about the stupid boy drama in the house was a good idea. Perhaps, Chris should have just kept that to himself. At least he didn't say that it was Doug. Although, maybe he should have so that Emily could see that "Mr. Perfect" isn't so perfect. Boy drama is so funny. I loved how everyone came to listen. Clearly Chris is insecure.

Uggggh. WHY is she keeping Ryan around? And Kalon too. Get them OUT of there. I can't believe she kept mushroom farmer around and got rid of Charlie. I knew long haired dood was a goner.

This should have been the episode deemed everyone cries. I'm confused. I've never seen so many grown men cry at once. Charlie because they lost the sailing competition. Nate with Emily during their two on one date. Long haired dood when he got voted off. Charlie again when he got sent home. I'm all about the "sensitive" guy but seeing all these men cry for the weirdest things was just strange.

Next weeks episode looks so good! Who do you think says Ricki is baggage? My money is on Kalon. London here we come!

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