Friday, May 4, 2012


TGIF! We've had another super busy week. I've learned that I am terrible at remembering to take pictures to document what we've been up to. I always remember after the fact, which is such a bummer, so this weeks pics are pretty random! 

I LOVE my Keurig coffee maker. We are saving so much money because I no longer buy coffee at work. This is very exciting stuff people... I should start adding up what I'm saving.

Grayson goes to my friend Jeni's house on Thursdays while I'm at work. We encountered some babysitting issues a few months back and she has so graciously agreed to help me with him. He always has so much fun when he is with her. Yesterday they went to the park and she sent me this picture. I love it. He looks so happy (and little!).

We had Cheetos one night this week with supper. Aidan thought this Y Cheeto was the coolest thing ever. He didn't want to eat it.

Lots of rain and storms around here. This is the view from my office. Ignore the ugly parking lot and focus on the sky. Doesn't it look awesome?

I MEAN REALLY?! Could this be any cuter?
It was bath night and he escaped. He loves crawling over to the front door and looking out the window. I adore this picture. Happy weekend!

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