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This picture makes me smile! 

Meet two of the cutest five-year-olds you have ever seen. These two are BEST buddies! In fact, they call each other "twin" because in their little eyes, they are exactly the same. They both have blonde hair. They are both missing the same front tooth already. They like the same things...t-ball, soccer, Star Wars, Super Heroes, baseball. You get the idea. They are the greatest of friends at the age of five. Aidan and Nate met in preschool two years ago. They were in the same class. Aidan would come home from school and talk about Nate everyday. I finally asked his teacher how we could get in touch with Nate's parents so that we could set up a play date. And I will never forget the day I met his parents. We had so much in common and so did our boys. I knew we would be life long friends and our boys would be too! We had a play date last Friday and watching them interact together made me think about the friendships I established when I was young and am still lucky enough to have now.

I never realized how fortunate I was to have such a great group of friends until I started talking to other people who were shocked when I told them I'm still best friends with the same girls I grew up with. Is that strange? I didn't think so but I have nothing to compare to.What I love about my group of girls is that no matter how much time passes between us talking or seeing each other it's as if we've never left each others sides. I don't think many people can say that. There is never any awkwardness. We always just pick up right where we left off. I love that. I love us and I am so so lucky to have these girls in my life.

(don't be jealous of how cool we look ;)
(Senior picture)
I met Kristina when I was five too. I had a perm and then I had a perm-mullet. Don't judge! We were quite the pair. We were in the same kindergarten class and I am so happy to say that after 24 years we are still best friends.  We were in Girl Scouts together. We enjoyed the same things. We dressed the same. We liked the same kind of music. We fought over boys. We had sleep overs; so many that I can't even count. We've gone on vacations together. She stood up in my wedding. She helps me with my kiddos. We have a date every week. Sometimes we just sit around and watch trashy television. Other times we go out. I am blessed to have her in my life. She is one of the most kind, caring, compassionate and generous people I know. She will drop anything and everything to help in a time of need.  She is my voice of reason and I love her more than words can explain. I can only hope she knows how much she is appreciated.

 (clearly, we thought we were very cool)
Raquel and I met in second grade. She was my maid of honor. She was in the delivery room with me when I had Aidan. She is also Aidan's Godmother. Some of my fondest memories growing up are with her. We shared head lice (it was inevitable!) and Barbies. We were obsessed with Barbies. There were countless  spaghetti dinners over at her house while we were young. When I got my first CD, I called her and she came right over so we could listen to Ace of Base, The Sign, over and over again. She got me hooked on Dave Matthews Band when we were in college. We love to shop together We did really dumb things too like break into my parents liquor cabinet. She lives in California now and even though she isn't here for me to see or talk to on a regular basis, she will always be one of my best friends.

(we should be studying but you know how that goes...)
Alicia and I became close in high school. We did Poms together. We went to Chicago together to look for prom dresses. We went to a tanning salon for the first time together and I will never forgot lying on the bed when it wasn't even turned on thinking I was actually tanning only to tell her afterwards what happened and she laughed at me and made me go back and tell the staff so I could go again. (We still laugh about that) Her bedroom was always a disaster and her parents wouldn't let her hangout unless her room was clean. I  remember waiting hours (and I mean hours) for her to clean her room. She lives in Florida now and has been gracious enough to let me come down and stay with her many times. She is getting married next year and I couldn't be more excited for her!

 (Disney World)
Michelle and I were in Girl Scouts together as well but have recently become very close friends. She is currently in Kansas City, MO doing her residency but in just a few short months she is moving back to Milwaukee to do her fellowship in Emergency Medicine at Children's Hospital. I AM SO EXCITED I can hardly contain myself!! I can always look to her for the best advice about my kiddos and I know she will give an honest answer without making me feel stupid. She is a hoot to be around and we always have the best time together.  She always puts others before herself and remembers every.single. important event. She is known for sending cards for every occasion. I am so lucky to have her and am literally counting down the days until she is in my neck of the woods again!!  

 (apparently it was "cool" to wear see through shirts. YIKES)
(the gang)
Jess and I become great friends the first summer after high school. She is a resident of Australia now but is actually traveling the world...lucky gal! She is the writer behind Journey with Jess Jones where she blogs all about her travels. She is such an inspiration. She makes me want to be a better person. I love her constant positive attitude. She always looks at the bright side and helps me to do the same. I will never forget the night we stayed up all night talking about all the DUMB things we had ever done. Either together or  separate. Stories that are sooooo not blog appropriate to tell. We laughed until our bellies  hurt. Best.Night. EVER. We also loved to drive around with all the windows down in the car and sing at the top of our lungs. We are both admittedly terrible singers. It has been five years since I've seen her but when we talk, it feels like not a day has passed, much less five years.

These five girls are my rock. They are always there. They always know exactly what to do or say in every situation. They are amazing. My life wouldn't be the same without them. I pray that Aidan is fortunate enough to establish quality friendships similar to the bonds I have established with my besties.

~Love you girls!! Thank you for all you've done for me. You mean more than you know. xoxo~ 

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