Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Story of Us: Part One

As February comes to an end, I can't help but think about love.  Isn't that what this month is about? Falling in love. The act of loving others. Noticing the love all around you. Personally, I think every month should be about love. One of my favorite blogs, Take Heart, featured a monthly series that shared different bloggers love stories or how they fell in love with their partners. I have debated sharing my love story for the entire month. I've gone back and forth because I believe a love story is personal. Not something the world needs or necessarily wants to hear about. Then I changed my mind. I want to be honest and forthcoming. I want this blog to be a reflection of me and the things that are important to me. My love story is a HUGE part of me and who I am...therefore, blogging material.

Tommy and I went to the same high school. The same obnoxious small high school. You know the one. Where everyone knows everyone and everyone knows everything. He was the quarterback of the football team and a year older than me. I was nowhere near as noticeable. I didn't want to be. Needless to say, we were not on each others radar. We didn't officially meet until he was a senior at UW-La Crosse (UWLAX) and I was visiting one of my besties who also went there. If you don't know much about Wisconsin or colleges in Wisconsin, UW-La Crosse is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. There isn't much to do there except go to school and drink. It's just a fact and it does play a role in our meeting.

It was November and it was COLD. We were at a bar when I noticed him. I was actually in a relationship at the time and should not have been noticing other men but it was hard NOT to notice him. I kept feeling like someone was watching me. Every time I looked over at him, he was looking at me. All of my girlfriends noticed. They kept telling me to go over and talk to him and I wouldn't. This was a sign, although I didn't realize it at the time. I NEVER back down from a challenge but for some reason, he made me nervous. I don't know if it was the way he looked at me or the butterflies he gave me when he smiled but whatever the reason I couldn't make myself talk to him. The night ended and nothing more happened. On my drive home the next day, all I did was think about him. Why was he looking at me? Why didn't he come talk to me?

Fast forward to a year later. I was up visiting my bestie again and saw Tommy out. He didn't go to UWLAX anymore but he happened to be up visiting friends that weekend too.  Perhaps another sign? I think it was actually the same bar as the year before. This time I was not in a relationship and decided to just go talk to him. We talked the entire night. After bar close a group of people were going back to his friends apartment. I wanted him to ask me for my phone number and he hadn't yet so I was stalling. I begged my friends to come along. I sat there for two hours and he still hadn't asked so I decided it was time to leave. He asked to walk me out. I said OK. As we are walking outside he finally asked so we exchanged numbers. I left him in the parking lot and I was so excited.

A week passed. A month passed. Two months passed. No call. I was frustrated. I wanted him to call so badly but I refused to call him. Finally, I gave in. I purposely called him when I knew he would be at work. (ohhhhh the games we play, right?) I figured if he called me back that meant he wanted to see me too. If not, I was going to move on. Wouldn't you know, he called back and we set a date to finally get together.

To be continued...

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