Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A little list

Today, I thought I would share some random tidbits about me...because I know you are dying to learn all about little ole me! Here is what makes me tick:

  1. Reading is one of my hobbies but it seems like I rarely get the chance to enjoy it anymore
  2. I am terrible in the kitchen but am really trying to get better
  3. Growing up, I hated sports. Every. Single. Sport. NOW, I love them. Particularly baseball and football
  4. Fall is my favorite season
  5. See #4… I LOVE fall boots. Scarves. Leaves. Pumpkins. Anything fall related
  6. Summer is a close second
  7. Boating is my favorite thing to do during the summer. There is nothing better than enjoying a beer on a boat
  8. I am obsessed with Starbucks…well, caffeine in general. Coffee. Lattes. Chai. You name it. I love it
  9. I hate flying…
  10. But I want to go to Australia
  11. I have vertigo and get dizzy randomly…it SUCKS
  12. I do not ride carnival rides or rollercoasters
  13. I am a fantastic organizer…truly I think it makes some people sick
  14. I have never cut the grass. Ever. In my life.  Would have NO clue how to even start the lawn mower
  15. Nor have I used a snow blower
  16. I quit smoking five years ago and am SO happy I did 
  17. Blogging is my new obsession. I love stumbling upon other peoples blogs and getting inspired. Someday, I would like to make a job of it :)
  18. I have five really close girlfriends that mean the world to me
  19. I prefer white wine to red
  20. I love seafood…
  21. BUT have never tried sushi
  22. I named one of my boys after a Sex and the City character...
  23. which means I am either crazy or I love SatC...I'm going to go with the latter
  24. I recently discovered my  spiritual side and am really enjoying learning what that is all about
  25. I have animal nicknames for both of my boys: “Aidan Monkey” and “Little Lion Man”
  26. I really want to run a marathon OR something…perhaps I will just start with a 5K
  27. My husband and I recently bought a home...
  28. I am loving painting, decorating and trying to figure out "my style"
  29. I am a total neat freak…which can be really tricky with little ones
  30. I LOVE bathes. Bubbles optional.
  31. Making lists of “things to do” is FUN for me. I get a huge sense of accomplishment when crossing items off
  32. I finished my Bachelors degree when pretty much no one thought I would...and
  33. I want to go back to school. In fact, if I could, I would just be in school my entire life and never work...
  34. because I am convinced I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up
  35. Party planning= FUN not stress
  36. I am easily frustrated when I can’t figure out how to solve a problem on my own. Asking for help is really difficult for me
  37. Being a mommy is one of best things in the world but I have little patience. This changed quickly after Little Lion Man
  38.  Monkey and I like to make up our own words for things and speak “our own language” 
  39. I have no sense of humor and have been known to take things personally
  40. I can be judgmental 
  41. Two words: Milwaukee. Brewers
  42. Diet Coke is my friend
  43. Terrible. Terrible dancer
  44. I have a major phobia of puke. As in literally RUN the other direction
  45. I have never been out of the country
  46. I am a lover of hand sanitizer, also known as, “magic soap” in my house
  47. I never ate a hotdog until I married my husband
  48. My favorite book is Eat. Pray. Love. I get something new from it every time I read it and I refuse to see the movie
  49. My favorite author is Emily Giffin
  50. I am awful at Math…even simple addition and subtraction…its quite pathetic
  51. I have never watched any of the Star Wars movies but should because Monkey has a healthy obsession with all things Star Wars related
  52. Kings of Leon is my favorite band
  53. Bad breath is the biggest turn off
  54. I prefer vanilla ice cream to chocolate
  55. Target is my favorite store
  56. I am NOT a morning person
  57. I never thought I could be a stay-at-home mom until recently. I feel like I am missing out on so much
  58. I have never driven stick shift
  59. Laziness drives me crazy
  60. Everyone I know always talks about wanting to go back to high school because it was the best time of their life...I beg to differ. I would never go back 
  61. I have a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens and my husband makes fun of me for it. I think that magazine ROCKS
  62. I drink right out of the carton. Gross. I know. but i do it anyway
  63. I believe in second chances
THE END. For now


  1. OK ... we are more alike than I think I knew!

    16. I too quit smoking 5 years ago!
    19. totally dig the white wine!
    20. Love seafood too!
    22. almost named Jaden Aiden but couldnt after watching sex and the city hehe
    35. totally dig planning parties - especially weddings!
    58. Ive never driven stick shift either. Id love to learn but I don't know anyone with a stick shift to teach me.
    60. High school was the worst! College on the other hand ....

    1. US and that is because we ROCK! xo

  2. even I learned a few things about you, nice! and I too have vertigo episodes which was finally diagnosed as Menierre's Disease so that means daily meds.....blah. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets excited about crossing a task or project off my list.....hmmmm, hereditary? Love reading your blogs Lady, keep em coming!


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