Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Take On the Ridiculousness that is The Bachelor

SO. I have a secret. Well, HAD a secret. I LOVE The Bachelor. As in, schedule my Monday evenings around the show. Crazy and slightly obnoxious, I know. Don't judge. We all have our vices. Mine just happens to be trashy TV. What is so funny about this is that when The Bachelor first came out, I would always make fun of the show, the people on it and just how desperate the entire situation seemed. Ohhh, how things have changed. I have become sucked in by all of the drama. To be honest, this is only the second season I've watched but WOW do the producers know how to get people hooked. I don't know what it is about the show that attracts me...if its all the silly girl drama, which I can't stand to be around, so one would think I wouldn't want to subject myself to it on television either or maybe it's all of the exotic locations the cast travels to. Maybe it has to do with watching all of these women go on the most amazing looking dates.   When else can you go skiing in downtown San Fran? I am also a hopeless romantic. I love being swept off my feet so maybe that is part of what attracts me to the show.Whatever the reason is, I am hooked.  Do you watch? What are your thoughts on this season?  After last nights DEVASTATING ending...I thought I would share some of my thoughts regarding this season.

During the very first episode, I knew I loved Kacie B. LOVED her. She just seemed so sweet and genuine. Plus, she is so cute. Lindsey (also known as, girl on the horse) caught my attention too. Then there were the crazies. There was crazy blogger Jenna, who proceed to be eliminated in the second episode (thank goodness!) and Blakeley, the 34 year old "VIP" cocktail waitress, who made a weird scrapbook all about her and Ben's "journey" together and then was promptly eliminated. Ladies, making scrapbooks for your man is ADORABLE...IF you've been together a long time.  Otherwise, kinda weird and creepy. Just sayin. And then there is Jamie. Poor Jamie. When she awkwardly tried to "direct" Ben on how to kiss her, I couldn't even watch. I was so embarrassed for her.  Poor girl. She too, was immediately sent home. Finally, Courtney.  UGH. COURTNEY. Perhaps, I should have titled this post rants and raves about Courtney . If she wins, which is all I personally think she cares about, I am going to have a huge hairy canary.

I'm sure Courtney is a very nice person but she drives me crazy. Those faces. Those phrases. YUCK. #winning! WHO says that?! Or "I didn't know strippers could play baseball"... OK, that line was actually slightly amusing but still. She is so rude. In my own opinion, which is all this post really is, MY opinion, when a girl doesn't get along with ANY other girls, there is clearly something wrong. How can you not have one friend on the show? If all the other girls don't like you, there is a reason. Clearly, you are a snake or some other type of animal.

While watching the home town dates, I got this sinking feeling in my stomach. I knew Kacie B's home town date didn't go well. Personally, I think her parents sabotaged her. As soon as her dad said he wouldn't give his approval if Ben asked him if they could get married, I knew she was a goner. The cherry on top was when Kacie's mom said she didn't want the two of them to live together before they got married. Which, I'm sorry but I totally do not agree. You HAVE to live with the person before you get married. How else do you figure out each others quirks?! I just knew at that point, it was bye bye Kacie. I was SO BUMMED. And she was so upset. On that note, WHERE did Nikki come from?! To me she came out of nowhere and is all of a sudden a contender. REALLY?! Nikki over Kacie....mmmkay. I certainly don't get it but hey, I'm not on the show.  Since my favorite is now gone, I'm hoping that Lindsey and Ben end up together. Although, at this point it seems like none of the couples actually "make it" once real life sets in so it should be interesting to follow.

Tell me what you think! Who do you think is going to end up with Ben?


  1. I completely agree with you on everything. It was Kacie's family that ruined it. Though Kacie is going to look back on it and go I'm glad he didn't pick me. Who goes skinny dipping with a chick when you have a dozen other girls that your "dating." Kacie deserves better. I could see Ben picking Courtney and then Courtney dumping him a month later. She just wants the publicity good or bad...

    1. You said it Tiff! To Courtney, its all about the publicity...

  2. Awwwwwe I thought the scrapbook idea was really cute....NOT!!! LOL! Courtney seriously is a straight up SAAAA-LUT! All Courtney cares about is Courtney!!! LOL!! Sorry just sayin'


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