Friday, February 24, 2012


life rearranged

FRIDAY! We meet again and I am so so glad! I'm linking up with Jeannett today over at LifeRearranged to share my weekly cell phone pics. You should too! 

Today, I woke up to THIS little surprise outside. FINALLY. SNOW. YaaaaaaY! This is our first year in our house so we have been anxiously awaiting the snow so that we can finally play in our yard. You know, to build snowmen and forts. So this is very exciting stuff. 

I got these pretty little flowers from my hubby who felt guilty about not sending me flowers on Valentines day. Which is a bit of a funny story...on Monday, February 13, I was feeding Gray his supper and Tommy was gone for his night class. The Fed Ex truck pulled up to our house. I thought to myself, I haven't ordered anything lately. Well, the man brought a box to our door. Aidan brought the package inside and low and behold, it was a box of flowers. I was BEYOND excited. This is a huge deal because Tommy and I don't really celebrate Valentines day. So when I thought I was sent flowers I was over the MOON excited. I called my dear husband to thank him and his response was, what flowers? I didn't send you flowers. Oh. You didn't? Okk... Well, after carefully examining the box, the flowers were for my sister not me. Her sweet boyfriend sent them to my house to surprise her  because she watches my boys for me on Mondays. So these are my i-feel-guilty-because-you-thought-i-sent-you-flowers-but-i-didn't FLOWERS. 

Three words:  AMAZING. MUST READ. Thank me later :)
Book 2 isn't pictured because I am in the process of reading it and carry it with me everywhere I go at ALL times.

We took a break from Legos this week and played trains instead. All of Aidan's trains are kept in little plastic bins. Grayson fit perfectly in the little red one. SO CUTE.

Hellllllo shiny forehead and scary red eyes! If you can move past the scariness that is me in this pic, you can clearly see we are busy going on a bear hunt, right? In addition to the trains, we have been going on many bear hunts. Do you know the song? "we're goin on a bear hunt, goin on a bear hunt. Lookin for a bear. Lookin for a bear"... Aidan's class was singing this song in his music class so everyday this week he has come home from school singing it. Our bear hunt includes carrying around nerf guns to shoot the bear (of course!), flashlights and us singing the song. It is actually quite entertaining. Grayson loves it. He thinks the whole spiel is hilarious. I absolutely love the sound of my boys laughing together. annnd YES, it is February. annnd YES Aidan is wearing Christmas PJs. Don't judge. This mama is waaaaay behind on laundry. Perhaps I should have taken a picture to prove it.

I have been searching high and low for white tables for our living room. Everything is SO BROWN. Brown couch. Brown wall. Tan carpet. We have white frames on the wall so I thought white tables would brighten up the space. Let me tell you. This search for white tables is NOT easy. I found this little beauty at Home Goods and am so in love. Isn't she purty?! Now, I need to find a tall library table. Wish me luck. I have a feeling this isn't going to be an easy task.


  1. as creative are you are do what I did - go to the Goodwill and something will inspire you - buy it, take it home, sand it down and paint it white - you will sooooo love it because I am in love with my new desk, very sturdy once belonged to a Dr. So & So in Glendale,fits perfectly in the space I intended it for and houses both our computers, monitors, speakers and such :) My K girl Loved to paint it with me too.very rewarding and cha-ching $18 including the paint! good luck dear!

  2. Great suggestion! I just might have to do that! xo


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