Sunday, January 1, 2012

There is no such thing as perfect

For the first time EVER, Tommy and I are staying in for New Years. YAY! Our plans changed last minute when  my in-laws got tickets to go to the Rose Bowl. So, here we are at home. The plan is to tuck in the boys and then make a delicious dinner of lobster and steak. Wish us luck ;)

While waiting for the boys to go to sleep I got to thinking about New Years resolutions. Part of me LOVES the idea of coming up with a New Years resolution. Starting fresh. Setting a new goal. What isn't to love about that? BUT the other part of me feels like New Years resolutions are just a way of setting yourself up for disappointment and disaster. The latter tends to happen to me. I'm all about the idea of setting a new goal but for me, I never seem to carry through. I'm a starter but not a finisher. Rather than set myself up to be disappointed because I didn't successfully complete my resolution, I've decided to just let go and let it be. Stop trying so hard. 

I am the Mom who is guilty of trying to be perfect. I have this super unrealistic idea that everything needs to be perfect all the time. A perfect and orderly house with everything clean and spotless with all the laundry done.  Happy and healthy boys who are never messy. A husband whose needs are always met who I never argue or fight with. Cookies that are always freshly baked. I want to have time to volunteer and go on field trips with Aidan. I want to help at our church.  Oh, did I mention I work too? While I think all of these ideas and wants have good intentions, lets be realistic. Little boys who are never messy? A clean house with two little boys ALL the time? Pft...for like, five minutes. I feel like I kill myself trying to accomplish all of these things even though I know how unrealistic being perfect is. So, I've decided that this year will be different. This year I will stop trying so hard. I will not spread myself so thin. I will take time to enjoy the little things and I will stop trying to reach perfection because there is no such thing as being perfect.  This is my New Years resolution. Happy New Year!

What are your New Years resolutions or do you not make one? 

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