Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Grayson

Dear Grayson,
Six months ago today, your Daddy and I were in the hospital preparing to meet you. I can't believe how fast these past few months have gone. I love waking up to your little boy smiles. I love your laugh. I love your slobbery kisses. You truly bring so much joy to my life. Right now you love playing in your exersaucer. You love rolling back and forth from your back to your tummy. You love Elmo and anything that lights up and makes noise. Your favorite foods are bananas and sweet potatoes.  You already have two teeth coming in. You are very ticklish and laugh every time we change your diaper.  You love laughing at Aidan.  You love sleeping on your tummy and you love falling asleep to the sound of the ocean.  You love dogs...even when they kiss you right on the mouth. Your smile brightens up my world. You are already a total momma's boy and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I love you more than you know.


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