Friday, December 16, 2011

The funny things kids say

Every evening over dinner Tommy and I make a point to ask Aidan about his day at school and to also share our day. We truly believe that this is really important. We learn about how everyone spent their day and I think it brings us all closer. Over the lovely Pioneer woman's meatloaf, I asked Aidan what he learned about. He said they were talking about Christmas traditions. I asked him what traditions we celebrated and what were some of the things his classmates mentioned.  He spoke of mistletoe. I played dumb... "Aidan, WHAT is mistletoe"...he said "something you kiss under."  Tommy thought it would be funny to then ask Aidan if there was any girls in his class he wanted to stand under the mistletoe with. Please keep in mind, Aidan is FIVE. His response was "Awwwwwwwwwwwww DAD. COME ON!!!" 

Full on laughter ensued!! I don't know if it was his answer or the way he said it but all three of us could not stop laughing. Oh, I should mention. I had Gray on my lap while we were eating and he just looked back and forth between the three of us, like WHAT is so funny guys...until HE started laughing HYSTERICALLY too. Which, of course, only made us all laugh even harder. The tears were streaming down my face. Tommy was choking on his potatoes and Aidan was saying his tummy hurt from laughing so hard.

Sometimes kids say the funniest things and you just can't hep but smile.

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