Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 2014

Here is what we were up to in February:
Our dear friends had a birthday party for their little boy who was turning two. We went bowling and had pizza and cake. She gave each of the boys who bowled a trophy. Grayson won the "most stylish" award and Aidan earned "most improved." I thought it was a really cute idea to make each of the kiddos feel special. The boys loved it!

The kids both came down with a stomach virus this month that would NOT leave. Typically, at least for us, a a stomach virus is 24-48 hours. This one lasted on and off for over a week. They would be fine one day and the next day they would puke. It was quite unpredictable and no fun for any of us.

We also bought new bedding for both boys this month and upgraded Grayson to a big boy bed. He loves it! I still need to find headboards, buy new curtains, etc. I don't think I realized that when I bought new bedding it wouldn't just be new bedding, I was essentially redecorating both rooms. Oops!

I also did some baking and worked on a paper for school which is taking up quite a bit of my time. I will be happy when it is completed.

I took the kids to see LEGO movie with my mother in law. Then we spent the day at her house playing games and just hanging out. Aidan loved the movie but it did not hold Grayson's attention. I thought it was cute.

Since it was February we spent a lot of time crafting and making valentines. Aidan made the heart shaped mustache valentines for his classmates. We loved how they turned out.

I cut out hearts and wrote little notes to the boys on why I love them and what makes them special. I put them on their doors one night while they were sleeping. They were surprised when they woke up and really liked their little love notes.

Tommy and I try to go on monthly dates. Each month we rotate who is planning the date. February was my month to plan and I thought it would be fun to go cross country skiing. We had a blast! I had never been before and Tommy hadn't gone in years. We both fell a couple times, which was hilarious. After, we went out for a drink and an appetizer to People's Perk in downtown Waukesha. It was a gorgeous day! We had so much fun!!

Overall I would say Februrary was pretty typical month for us filled with some really great times and some not so fun times. That being said, we are looking forward to Spring and are hoping it comes with some warmer weather!

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