Friday, August 24, 2012

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What a week we've had...birthday celebrations, a new job offer, preparing for my first 5K, bathroom renovations, and more. So many fun and exciting events and opportunities. We have so much to be thankful for! 

Clearly, I am NOT a cake decorator. These were supposed to look like baseballs for Aidan's little Brewer outing on Sunday. I think they look more like railroad tracks. But Aidan thought they were "awesome." Thank goodness for little boys who don't care about silly things like poorly decorated birthday cupcakes. In my defense though, my dear husband cut the licorice strands and clearly he cut them too big. Right Tommy?

The boys had a blast at the ballpark. Note to self though, if there is a next time we will definitely go to a park or something before the game versus tailgating in the parking lot. They wanted to run and play and I was a nervous wreck with all of the hot grills around us. The Brewers lost which was a bummer but judging by the fact that Aidan fell asleep on the way home, I think he had a great time.
I debated even sharing this on here because these pictures are NASTY. ew.ew.ew. This would be the current state of our basement bathroom. The person we bought our house from purchased it and then flipped it. Everything is new, except the basement, which is unfinished and has this beauty in it. I think it is the tiniest bathroom I have ever seen but I'm just thankful to have a second option. We just purchased a new toilet, pedestal sink, drywall, flooring etc. We are hoping to make progress within the next couple of weeks and boy do we have work to do. These are the before pics.
For Grayson's birthday in June, we collected books to donate to Children's Hospital of WI. We collected a total of 56 books, which is so awesome!! I finally got around to delivering the books this week.  Aidan wanted to come on Grayson's behalf and share with the Child Life Specialist what we did. It was really neat to hear him verbalize why we decided to collect the books and I think he felt good afterwards. The hospital gave us little Thank You certificates. I tried so hard to get the boys to sit together for a picture and it was IMPOSSIBLE.

Champagne to celebrate the new J.O.B!!

I'm participating in the Color Run today and I am SO excited!! I painted my nails last night to be extra festive. I'm looking forward to a weekend spent with friends and family to celebrate my big boys birthday and my new job! Have a great weekend! 

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