Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nature Boy Aidan

I have gone back and forth on whether or not I should share this short but funny story and have decided to go ahead and share. After all, I want my little blog to help me remember all of the funny things that occur in our everyday ordinary lives. I digress. On school days,I drop the boys off and Tommy picks them up. I wish I could pick up but with our schedules this is what works best. After gathering the boys, Tommy calls me and gives me the "run down" on their days. Last Friday, Tommy called as usual and went through Grayson's day which was pretty typical and then proceeded to tell me that Aidan had a "pretty good day" but that there was an incident. My mind immediately started racing. Did he get in a fight? Did he talk back? Did he swear? What did he do? I should also mention that Aidan is my "rule follower, doesn't push the limits, especially at school child."

Apparently the kids were outside playing and Aidan had to go to the bathroom so he took it upon himself to pee OUTSIDE on a tree in front of his classmates. I have no words. Truthfully, when Tommy told me, I laughed hysterically. Like tears streaming down my face laughing. I know, probably not the most appropriate response but that's what happened. Thankfully I didn't laugh in front of Aidan.

When we go Up North all the guys pee in the woods. I don't have a good explanation for it. Its just how it is. This was the first year Aidan noticed and asked why Daddy peed in the woods and could he do it too? We decided he could and explained that it was OK for him to do this Up North but not at home and certainly not at school and that it was only an Up North thing. He seemed to understand but apparently he does not. It was so hard to be upset with him about it and lets be honest here. Its our fault for letting him do it in the first place. I made sure to get all of my giggles out at work so that when we actually discussed it over dinner and told him that it was not acceptable and that he was not to do it again I wasn't laughing.

It was really funny though! I love being a momma to little boys!

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