Friday, August 17, 2012

InstaFriday (my favorite post ever!)

So I've come to the conclusion that my InstaFriday posts are my favorite posts EVER. I love sharing how our little family spends our time. Haven't heard of InstaFriday? Check out Jeannett's blog Liferearranged. Anywho... back to what we've been up to.

Aren't my Grandparents adorable?! We took my Grandpa to a local event to celebrate veterans and had an awesome time.
The weather has finally cooled off a bit here so we've been spending a lot of time outside. We took out Aidan's old slide to see if Grayson was ready to play on it and we had a ball. He wasn't so sure at first but ended up loving it.  One of my aunts also gave Aidan a set of "rocket launchers" that get played with daily. Even Grayson wants in on the fun.

We went back to school shopping for my little kindergartner (tear). He is all set to go and couldn't be more excited. I am having a hard time with it and I'm not really sure why. He has been in 4K and did preschool so its not like this is first time he is going away to school. He gets it and is more than ready. I don't know if its the whole "he is getting older and is going to ride the bus to school every single day thing" or what. I'm sure after a couple of weeks of adjusting it will be just fine.

While we were at Target, Grayson was into everything and I mean EVERYTHING. He is walking now so he wanted to touch, knock over and play with anything he could get his hands on. Like this hat. He wore it around the entire store and then screamed bloody murder when we put it back before we checked out. We weren't in the market for a Paul Frank hat, as cute as it was.

Definitely not the best picture we've ever taken but its us nonetheless. One of my besties moved back here from Kansas City to complete her fellowship in emergency medicine at our local Children's Hospital. We had a girls night on Monday that consisted of drinking margaritas, eating bad food and watching trashy TV. It was a perfect night for us.

PS. how delish does this look?! Yum-o is all I have to say.
I went to dinner with my MIL, Aunt and cousins. We thoroughly enjoyed our wine our time together.   

What are you getting into this weekend? Aidan's 6th birthday is coming up so we are taking him to a Brewer game on Sunday. Should be a good time! Happy Friday peeps!!

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