Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Comments on the shenanigans that is the bachelorette {4}

I'm behind on my bachelorette posts. Sad, I know.  I was finally able to sit down last night and catch up. Let me just say, there is nothing like sitting in peace and quiet with a glass of wine and enjoying this show. I love it. Every time I see Sean I am reminded that he is my favorite. He just seems so down to earth. And then I see Jef. I just adore him. He is so sweet. I'm concerned he isn't ready for the married with child life though. Arie was my favorite right out of the gate but I'm a bit over him now. I'm not sure why.

Sean and Emily look like a couple. Emily asks very direct questions, which is good but their interaction seemed a bit awkward. Perhaps if he would just and say I love you it wouldn't seem so weird. Emily. ENOUGH with the hair twirls. You aren't 13. Sean with that letter to Ricki. Could he be any cuter? seriously. I got teary hearing him read that. I know. I'm cheesy. But it was so sweet of him. He just seems so genuine. He would be a really great Dad to Ricki. The best out of the three guys. And then with the "lets stay up and talk" business.  I have a hard time believing you would stay up and talk but maybe that's just me. Apparently its not just me...Emily affirmed it.  "I can't keep my hands off of him." I was shocked she didn't invite him to stay the night.  REALLY surprised. I get that she is a mom and wants to be respectful. Obviously that's important but I'm pretty sure her and Brad "enjoyed" the fantasy suite. She was a mom then too. 

I don't really have much to say about Jef and Em's date on the boat. I like that he asked Emily the "hard" questions...where would they live? what would it be like with Ricki? It was rather interesting that she couldn't (or maybe just wouldn't) answer the question about why it never worked out for her in the past. He says the cutest things and is definitely a romantic. I'm still just not convinced that he is ready to be a dad though. I think he likes the idea of it but doesn't really understand. I guess who does though, until you are a parent you really don't know. I LOVE that he turned her down when she gave him the fantasy suite card and said something about respect for her, Ricki and their families. I really liked that.

Sorry Arie but I am definitely over you now. You look old and have grey hair. I strongly believe that all you and Emily have is "physical chemistry." All they do is make out.The wind did nothing good for Arie on that boat either. Maybe they should just kiss some more. All they talk about is kissing and "chemistry." I must say that swimming with dolphins in the wild would be scary for me too. While they were at dinner, I got the impression that Arie's life would be impacted the most. It sounds like he has no idea what he would be getting himself into. Going out to dinner with friends every night? Sleeping until nine? WHAT? Not anymore buddy. I did like that he asked questions similar to Jefs. At least that shows he is thinking about life after the show. 

Did they always have private video messages?  Emily looked uncertain with Sean's message. Jef's message sounded like wedding vows. Arie, are you done talking about kissing yet? I'm so over you. Arie's message sucked. She looks miserable watching these. Absolutely miserable. She just got done saying how fun this was. Doesn't look very fun to me. I really had no idea who she was going to send home. And then she sends home SEAN. Emily you are so DUMB. He was FOR SURE the right guy (in my opinion). I really think he would have been the best husband and father. You are making a mistake woman. He looked heartbroken. Then she asks him what he's thinking about. Really Emily? What do you think he is thinking about? 

I am definitely supporting Jef now. I hope he wins but based on the previews for the finale, I'm hoping she realizes she made a mistake and Sean comes back to win. Fingers crossed. 

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