Thursday, June 14, 2012

Comments on the Shenanigans that is the Bachelorette {2}

Yes I know The Bachelorette is on Monday nights and that today is Thursday. If you know me though, I'm always late so its only fitting that I would post this late. Such is life. Did you tune in?

I don't really know what to say about Kalon. DUDE. You knew she had a child before you went on the show. If you didn't want to be a father to someone else's child, why did you go on? I couldn't believe he compared life with Emily to "always being on a group date" because of Ricki. Who does that?

Moving on. I love Sean. Love him. He is so cute. I thought his little speech about finding a "great love" like his parents and grandparents was adorable. He also earns big points for being confident. I like that. To be honest though, I thought the date looked kinda boring.

The group date on the other hand was ridiculous. Watching all of the guys impersonate Romeo was quite entertaining. Travis was hilarious and you could tell he was having so much fun with it all. He could definitely engage with littles and play to his hearts content. Kalon sucks, go figure. He was so serious and clearly wasn't able to let loose and just have fun. I wasn't surprised when he told Em to "go and run away" so that he could practice. I don't get why he thinks its OK to talk like that. And of all the guys to get the kissing scene, why did it have to be Ryan? That guy totally creeps me out. I thought Doug and Arie did a great job of being good sports and dressing up as the nurse. I died laughing.

At the bar after the performances,  I was glad Emily and Arie got to spend some alone time together. But what was up with that weird carpet/blanket thing they were wrapped in again? For the love ABC, get them a bigger blanket. That tiny piece of fabric is weird. And where on earth did this "surprise" come from with Ryan? I still don't like the guy. OR the necklace. It seems like he is in it to win it and that it has nothing to do with Emily.

Kalon's second comment about Emily having baggage and how when he gets his one-on-one it would be with a "tired, sick, exhausted" mom was so out of line.  I was so happy the guys talked and decided to have Doug tell her. Then when confronted, Kalon admitted what he said but tried to back track and say that "baggage" just means responsibility and that its not really baggage...yeah. OK. Isn't baggage unwanted responsibility? He meant baggage and we all know it. Its about time Emily kicked him off. I was surprised he lasted as long as he did. Side note, what is a "West Virginia hood rat"...?? Anyone know? I thought that was just weird. Now, I'm not trying to make light of this situation because it really is messed up but I don't get why Emily kept talking about wanting one of the guys to stand up for her. What did she even mean? Doug told her about it and she handled it just fine on her own. Did she want someone to interject while she was reaming Kalon out? If so, I understand why no one did. She was giving Kalon a piece of her mind. I wouldn't interrupt that.

So I feel the need to comment on the fact that Emily has Ricki. She is asking A LOT from those guys and I don't think she really realizes how much she is asking them to sacrifice. Majority of them don't have kids so I think its safe to say they have no idea what they are getting themselves into if they end up with Emily. I think a few of them would adapt and do just fine, others I don't think would do as well. There will be no time for just the two of them to get to know each other. No nights relaxing and just talking...not to say that they will never be able to do that but its hard to JUST do that when kiddos are around. Not to mention the added responsibility of raising Ricki. Teaching her morals and values. Staying up with her when she is sick. Disciplining. All of the things it takes to be a good parent. I couldn't do it with someone else's child, much less someone I hardly know. Props to them if they think they can handle it.

Any who, lets chat about Jef, shall we? Every time I see him, I like him more. Except for his clothing choices. Not a fan. But other than that, I love him. Afternoon tea was a strange choice for a date in my opinion. Seems more fitting for a bridal or baby shower, not a date but maybe that's just me. I thought it was sweet how he compared Ricki to really expensive luggage, if she was in fact "baggage" and that every night would be a dance party at home with her. Everything he says is so believable and cute. I love how he said he wants to be with someone who is his best friend so that they can "share details of life" together. Who comes up with that stuff? I am such a sucker for smooshy gushy love. Oh, and its about time they kissed.

Throughout the episode I didn't really have a strong feeling about who was leaving but was annoyed ABC made it appear as though Arie was in jeopardy. COME ON PEOPLE. We all know Emily is super into him and that he isn't going anywhere. I don't really understand why Emily was so bent out of shape about Arie not coming to her defense. Again, I think she handled the situation fine on her own. And what is with Ryan and his goofy "surprises"...first the necklace and then the weird Romeo impression. He needs to go home next. Thank gawd mushroom guy finally left. I'm still referring to him as mushroom guy because I really have no idea who he is. Did he ever talk? If he did, I missed it.

PS. It's pretty clear to me that Ryan is the one there for the competition and isn't really interested in being with Emily. I predict he goes next.

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