Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dear Grayson {10 months}

Dear Grayson,
You are ten months old today. (well, yesterday. Mama was a bit slow to post this!) In just two short months we will be celebrating your first birthday. I can't believe it. You are 17 pounds 10 ounces and 28 3/4 inches long.  You love food. The joke around here is that we never feed you because the only time you get upset is when you've eaten all of your food and there is none left on your tray. Even though you love to eat, you are still a tiny peanut. Some of your new favorites are mac and cheese, cereal bars like Nutrigrain, chicken noodle soup, potatoes and puffy Cheetos. You will eat anything we give you but after while I think you get tired of eating vegetables so you start to fuss. Watching you eat and try new foods is one of my favorite things to do.

You can now crawl up on all fours. Honestly, I didn't think you would do it because you got around just fine army crawling but you have proven me wrong. You are also standing up and are just starting to cruise around the furniture. You have NO fear. Sometimes we try to put a "gate" up in the living room so you can't get through but you wiggle your way through it. By gate, I mean a wall of pillows and toys. It never works and it actually makes me nervous because you just go for it without a hint of hesitation. You cannot be left unattended even for a minute because you are so curious. In addition to being so curious, you are also quite the little ham. You've learned several new tricks. Your newest trick is to turn the light on in your room when you are supposed to be napping or sleeping for the night. It is so hard to be mad or frustrated with you because it is so cute.

Aidan is your idol. You love to play with him and you like to try to do whatever he is doing. Usually the two of you play very nicely together but Aidan gets mad when you "ruin" whatever it is he is trying to do. You've also started mimicking whatever he does. If Aidan sticks his tongue out at you, you copy him and do it right back. I've tried to take a picture but I never seem to catch you in time. You are also very verbal..."ma ma, ba ba and da da" are the most common sounds you make but you've just started making the "ga" sound. Daddy and I always know you are awake in the morning because we can hear you talking to yourself. I think it is the best sound to wake up to.

You are FINALLY sleeping through the night. Your pediatrician had to give me some techniques to try to help you sleep through.  We had to let you cry it out and go in to check on you every five, ten, fifteen, etc minutes. The first few nights made me so sad. I hated hearing you cry but it worked and now we are all sleeping soundly.

I wish I could keep you this age forever but I know I can't. I will just cherish this time with you and hope that it stops going by so fast. All my love, always.



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