Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Grayson {11 months}

Dear Grayson,
How is it possible that 11 months have passed since you've joined our little family? Your first birthday is one short month away. We are planning like crazy. While I'm excited to celebrate your birthday, I'm also a bit sad at how fast the time seems to be going.

You are now eating all table foods. You are a "meat and potatoes" boy. You could do without veggies. If I try to give you vegetables before giving you the "main course" you spit them out everywhere. You do OK with fruit as long as its given to you after your meat. For as much as you eat, its rather surprising that you only weigh 19 pounds. You are such a little peanut! We are starting to wean your "bubbas" a bit now too. AND you are already getting your molars. Seems early to me but Daddy jokes you are trying to get all of your teeth before your birthday.

You are incredibly strong willed and will not take no for an answer. You like to get into mischief already too. Just this past weekend I found you playing in the toilet when I thought you were with Daddy and Aidan in our bedroom. You knocked the toilet paper down and were pulling it off the roll and shoving it in the toilet...the toilet overflowed.  Being the germaphobe I am, I immediately had to bathe you. From now on, the bathroom door will remain closed.

You are looking more and more like a little "man" and not a baby. You have the bluest eyes and the fairest skin. You look like your Bumpa.

(one of your favorite things to do is play with bowls on the kitchen floor)

(you also love to push things around on your hands and knees. Anything from boxes to Aidan's firetrucks)

You love birds. Whenever we are outside and you see them, you wave to's pretty much the cutest thing ever. All I have to say is "birdies" and you're waving. You've also just started clapping your hands. You are very social (I have no idea where that comes from *wink wink*). You love being sung to. Your favorite right now is the Itsy Bitsy Spider. You also seem to have a serious aversion to grass. I think it's a texture thing but you FREAK out. You are babbling like crazy. You say Dada (all the time), Mama (but not as much), and Ba (which we think means ball). You've also started screaming "AAAAA"...we think this is what you call Aidan since you can't say his name yet. 

(Gray practicing walking)

You are such a blessing and I am so thankful for you. I love every inch of you. My little man.

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