Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Monday! It's going to be a fabulous week with lots to look forward to.

Hello new haircut and color (on Thursday). YAY!

Hello to the long awaited BASEBALL season! Double YAY!

Hello Easter Sunday and Easter egg hunts.

Hello cute baby in a box :)
Hello morning snuggles.
Hello Scooby Snacks.
Hello sleepy baby.
Hello to cooking healthier. 
Hello nine month check-up (apparently there is now an autism screening questionnaire for parents to fill out...things have changed so much since Aidan was a baby. I had no idea.)

Have a great week!
(linking up with Lisa Leonard)


  1. I didn't have to fill that out with Tucker...things change so fast!!

    1. when I first got the survey in the mail, I started freaking out. I thought is there something WRONG?! WHY am I getting this? I was so confused. I think it's just a tool Grayson's group of physician's use to screen for early signs of autism. I'm really not sure though. His appointment is coming up. I will let you know...


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