Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dear Grayson {9 months}

Dear Grayson,
Can you please stop growing so fast? Please.  You have changed so much in the past month. 
You are a hungry, hungry boy. You have decided that you are done eating baby food. You want table food. We still try to give you baby food just to finish up what we have in the house but it doesn't satisfy you anymore. We are slowly trying to add in some of the foods we eat.  You love noodles, diced fruit, crackers, mashed potatoes, rice and green beans. I love introducing you to new foods and seeing your reaction for the first time. You tried homemade chicken noodle soup for the first time this week and you ate two entire bowls. I couldn't believe how much you were eating. You loved the carrots, celery, potatoes and noodles. The chicken was a bit difficult for you still. After all, you are only nine months and don't have all of your teeth yet. Speaking of teeth, you now have six and MORE are on the way in! I don't remember Aidan ever teething like that. Just another little thing that makes you two different. 

You love playing with Aidan. You seem to be aware of everything he does. You want to play with all of his toys all of the time. Recently the two of you have taken to playing in the laundry basket. Aidan likes to make you laugh by making silly noises and you think this is the funniest thing ever. You squeal with delight. The two of you are so fun to watch together.

You have also started pulling up to stand and you will do it on anything you can get your little hands on. The couch. My pant leg. Your toys, like the piano here. It makes me so nervous watching you pull up on things like your piano because it isn't sturdy and I'm afraid you will get hurt. Daddy likes to remind me that you are a little boy and that chances are you will get hurt at some point. He is probably right but it doesn't make it any easier.  No matter what though, I will always be here to make your little boo-boos all better!

You are getting into everything around the house. You love to explore your surroundings. You have always been very curious and are still very much on-the-go. Changing your diaper is quite the production. You don't like to be still even for the three minutes it takes me to change you.   You are definitely going to keep me and Daddy on our toes! As active as you have become, one would think you would be sleeping through the night but that still is not the case. I think it may be time for us to let you figure that out on your own. Your nine month check-up is coming up and I will most definitely be talking to Dr. M about our sleepless nights. 

You are still a very happy little dood. However, you have turned into a shy little guy.  If someone you don't know talks to you while we are out and about, you have taken to turning your face away and hiding it in my shoulder. I'm guessing this is just a phase but we will wait and see. You are also in the "I only want my Mama" phase. I think it's starting to make Daddy sad but I know it won't last forever...I would be OK if it did though. 

You make me so happy. You are absolutely the perfect addition to our little family.  Never change.  

Love always,

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