Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter {2012}

Since Easter was already last weekend, I thought it might be time to share how we spent our day. For the first time ever, Tommy and I decided to hide eggs for Aidan. We decided just hide them in the house; mainly because I was lazy and didn't want to go outside in the dark and try to hide them. Target (where else?!) had the most adorable little signs that said things like "this way" or "getting warmer." Of course, I had to have them for our hunt. I hung the signs up around the house and proceeded to hide 18 eggs. Some were easy to find, some weren't so easy. (read...eggs in the oven and in the hanging pot rack) Then Tommy and I assembled the boys basket. I decided to do one BIG basket instead of two small baskets. We don't go overboard for Easter. We just do candy and a couple of small toys. Aidan is REALLY into baseball so the bunny brought him his first set of baseball cards, a movie and a water gun to use in Nana and Papa's pool this summer. Grayson got a little giraffe that plays a few different tunes because he can't sleep unless there is background noise (oops!). Now he has something we can bring with us when we are out and about.

As we were assembling the basket, I noticed that the garage light had come on. The light has a motion sensor and only comes on if someone or something is back there. I got up to look out the window and noticed a sign on our back door.
"Happy Easter! The candy is safe to eat. PS. Check the deck box for Grayson." 
~Signed, the Easter Bunny 

Weird. I started racking my brain trying to think who would do that. I called Tommy over and we looked outside. Somebody Easter Bunny-ed our house! There were Easter eggs all over our deck and in the deck box there was a gift bag filled with Puffs and yogurt melts for Gray. Naturally, I cried because that's what I do. In all seriousness though, I was blown away. I couldn't believe that someone would take the time to go out of their way for my boys to make their Easter that much more special. I was so happy. I went to bed excited to see what the morning would bring.

Aidan was up SUPER early as expected but we made him wait until Grayson woke up before he could find his eggs. Apparently to torture Aidan, Gray slept until 8 am, which NEVER happens. Aidan found all of the easy eggs right away. He was so happy the bunny hide some this year. We did have to give clues to help him find the other eggs. Once the inside hunt was done, I started opening up the blinds and was shocked! The entire yard was covered in eggs...I'm talking hundreds of eggs. Not an Easter egg hunt, more like an Easter egg pick up.Whoever put the eggs on our deck the night before must have also managed to do the front of the house as well. We hadn't bothered to check anywhere else the night before so I was as surprised as Aidan was. Lets just say we picked eggs up for an hour. Thankfully, not every egg had candy in it. In fact, I think Aidan was more excited about the eggs that had a quarter or two inside. After our hunt was over, we got dressed and headed to church. This year, was our year to spend Easter with Tommy's family so we spent the day with his parents. Because his Grandma had just passed away, the day was very low key and casual, just the way I like it. We spent the rest of the day eating, drinking and enjoying each others company.

 ~Enjoy the photos!

The obnoxiously large Easter basket

Aidan found the sign right away...

Grayson loved shaking the eggs

Really Mom? In the oven?

See what I mean?! Eggs. Everywhere!

Aidan with all of the eggs picked up... (finally!)

PS. Thank you to the anonymous Easter Bunny! You made our day extra special. I definitely have some pretty big shoes to fill next year!

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