Thursday, January 12, 2012


Last night I had a Supermoms meeting with some of my favorite ladies. The Supermoms is a group that originated through my church and has blossomed quickly. We started small with two mamas who founded the group and now we are up to 40 members, which I think really says something considering we come from a relatively small church. We are all Christian women and have similar interests. There is usually an event every month, sometimes more than one. So far, we've done a cookie exchange, hosted a book club, date night, several play dates, and MORE.  Coming up we are hosting the Love and Logic parenting series, which I personally am SO excited about!  I. LOVE. my fellow Supermoms.  They are the kind of ladies who you feel like you've known your entire life even though you've really only known them a few months. They immediately make me feel comfortable and at ease. They listen and share advice on parenting AND we can all relate because we have something in common...being MOMs! I could be having the worst day (or week...please see post:  patience really is a virtue!) ever and these ladies "fill my cup" right back up. I don't know how else to describe them other than to say they are simply amazing.

During our meeting last night we talked about becoming a bit more focused within our group and dividing up into subcommittees instead of having the two founders plan EVERY event. Those committees being service, social and spiritual.   I immediately knew which committee I wanted to focus on...SERVICE. Which I truly believe I have a passion for AND added bonus it fits in perfectly with the purpose behind this blog.

Right before the holidays started I saw this idea all over various blogs and I fell in love. I knew right away that I wanted to participate. I brought the idea to my fellow Supermoms and they loved it too.  In fact, one Mama, Melissa, thought we should collaborate. She started an organization in honor of her son Owen who passed away this past May. The organization, The Little Warriors, aims to make available children and family friendly service projects to communities in Waukesha (WI) and the surrounding area. So first thing on our  agenda is to turn the Blessing Bags into a service project for community and I couldn't be more excited!

Something I struggle with as a mom is how to explain the idea of grace and helping others who are less fortunate than us to Aidan specifically. Everything is still very much about "him"...but I think that is part his age too. I am really so excited and looking forward to using this idea to teach  my boys about service and helping others and cannot wait to bring all the details to YOU! Here is to looking forward to all the fun that is sure to come. *cheers*

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