Saturday, June 23, 2012

Comments on the shenanigans that is the bachelorette {3}

I am waaaaay late on this post. In fact, I debated even posting it but I watched the episode last night (finally) and decided posting was necessary even though it's almost a week over due. Lets get to it...

Holy cow! Croatia is beautiful! Who knew? Clearly I am not a friend of geography.
Right off the bat, Travis just seems like he would be a good guy friend...not boyfriend material. Maybe its just me but I see no future there. And apparently I'm not the only one who sees no future with Emily and Travis...Sean said so too. So clearly, that means we are right.  And what is with all the lucky in love references? The stones, the archways and clocks. Its super cheesy and silly. Again, just my opinion.  As soon as Emily told Travis that they had a good "friendship foundation" I knew he was a goner. I was however surprised at how bad I felt for him once she told him he wasn't getting the rose. He does seem like a nice guy. 

I find it hard to believe that the guys really wanted to see the movie Brave but it does look cute to take the kiddos to. Watching the guys compete in the highland games after the movie was very amusing. Could Sean's arms be any more buff? I mean really. H.O.T!! I'm pretty sure she likes that she can make them dress in weird clothes too. All the guys were cute with the bow and arrow. I felt bad for Chris but was glad he was a good sport about it. The log toss or whatever it was called, looked HARD. I liked that Chris volunteered to go first even though he did terrible with the bow and arrow. Then the poor guy got disqualified. He was no better at the tug game either ( clue what they were calling it on the show, so I'm going to call it the tug know what I'm talking about). I was really impressed when Emily gave the bravery mug/award to Chris and not to one of the guys who did really well. I thought for sure she was going to give it to Sean. 

Every time I see Sean and Emily together I can't help but think about what a cute couple they would make. They are just adorable together. And PS. how about that kiss on the wall with Arie? Kinda made me want to go to Croatia and make out on a wall. Is that weird? Maybe. Annnd Jef. STOP with the "likes" and "feels." I feel like, when you say how you like feel, it really makes me feel like you are like driving me crazy!! As much as I like him, it seems like he might be a bit young for her. As far as the rose goes, I was glad she gave it to Chris.  To be honest though, I really don't think he is going to be around for much longer. I don't know why. I just don't see it.

Apparently I have short term memory loss. Emily and Ryan already went on a one-on-one? It must have been really boring because I have no recollection of their date happening what-so-ever. He just really gives me the creeps and now I know why. Obviously its because the man plucks his finger hairs. Ew. Who does that?  I did think they had a cute date though, just exploring the little towns, looking for oysters and then enjoying a picnic. However, I think common sense says that telling someone that they would be a trophy wife is a bad idea but I guess I'm wrong because Ryan did it again and then proceeded on with his list of attributes he wants in a wife. The list included qualities such as: being logical, someone who would encourage him, a nurturer, confident, magnetic, assertive, unselfish, etc. There are some decent qualities included on his little list but I noticed how he never once said anything about family. I was glad Emily noticed that too, considering she has a daughter. I was also glad she said something about feeling like she needs to be perfect around him. It was rather amusing to see him try to answer that and he never did end up giving her any response that made sense. Woo. Hoo!! I am so happy Emily was able to see through all the bologna sausage and send him packing. He only cared about himself and "winning" which he proved by saying "nobody wants to be a loser."

As far as the cocktail party and final rose ceremony are concerned, I knew it would come down to John and Doug. They both seem to be on the outskirts lately. But those funeral cards in John's pocket? Not going to lie, his little story made me teary. I thought it was very brave of him to talk about that.  Perhaps I'm being cheesy but I'm OK with that. In regards to Doug, there is something about him that just rubs me wrong. I don't know what it is yet. He has no self esteem and seems standoffish. I don't think he is humble...I think he is self-deprecating just like Emily said. If I had to choose one of them to stay, I would definitely choose John.  But of course, Emily just couldn't decide who to send home, so they both stayed. I have no doubt that one, if not both of them, will go next week. Time will tell.

What did you think?

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