Thursday, April 12, 2012

Questions from a curious five year old

Have ya'll noticed the silence around here lately? Maybe heard some crickets chirping? I know...I sorta disappeared from the blogging world for a few days. Tommy's Grandma passed away last Monday. The funeral and burial were last Thursday and Friday. Then Easter was upon us. On top of that, poor little Aidan spent a day with his head in a puke bucket. Well, several puke buckets if I'm being honest. Then I started to feel sick...go figure. In our house, if one person gets it, we all tend to get it.  It was horrifying.  I don't do puke. Everyone has their weaknesses and mine is definitely puke but that is a blog post (or not) for another time. Even before Tommy's Grandma passed, I had been noticing what a curious five year old we have. However, Tommy's Grandma's passing made that even more evident.

What color is our skin? 
Why do some people have darker skin than ours?
What is forgiveness? 
What is sin?
If Great Grandma died and is in heaven, why is her body still here? 
Why do you bury someone?
What is a hospice?
What is a funeral?
Why is Grandpa crying?

These are just a few of the questions that Aidan has asked in the past week.  I think he is just a typical five year old who is learning about himself and the world around him, which he does best by asking questions. It's just funny because the questions always come when I'm least expecting them. There is no prep time. No time to think about what I should say. Sometimes the answer is easy, like our skin is skin color (yeah, I said that) but sometimes the answer is not do you explain the idea of a person's soul to a five year old? 

What I have learned from his incessant curiosities is that he just wants an answer.  It doesn't need to be an hour long lecture on skin color or death. He just wants to know something. At the same time, I don't want to mislead him and then try to talk my way through that. Calling this a challenge is an understatement. Especially on days when patience is low or the baby is crying or I just don't know the answer (like, why is the sky blue?...because God made it that way wasn't sufficient enough). I'm sure there are other mamas out there who face this same challenge. When your patience is low or you simply just don't know the answer, what do you say?  

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