Friday, February 3, 2012


life rearranged
Yaaaay for Fridays!! Double yay for long weekends! My husband and I both have off of work today and are going away for the weekend. JUST the two of us. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I am so excited but nervous too. We've never been away from our boys so it's a bit scary for me. I KNOW they will be fine but nonetheless, still a bit nerve wracking. Back to the fact that today is Friday...that means InstaFriday time! Here is a peek into our week...

Hi beautiful baby who just learned to sit up on his own!! Although, in this picture it looks like he is about to tumble over and he probably is...that learning to sit up stuff is hard work!  He still won't smile for the camera either. What a stinker!

Don't mind my lovely husband in this picture...he is just sitting on our brand. NEW. sectional!! We were in need of new furniture SO so badly and it finally came. I am in LOVE. Seriously. I am in love with my new couch. I never want to leave it. Oh, did I mention since we've had it, Mr. Tommy here has fallen asleep on it every. single. night. and has come to bed anywhere between 3 and you know, it must be comfy! Although, anything would be more comfortable than what we had. Now, I need to find new tables and lamps. Suggestions? Apparently, we like brown in our family. I am thinking of doing white tables to lighten the room up a bit. What do you think?? PS. don't mind the empty frames on the wall. We are in the process of switching out some photos. Perhaps, I should have completed that before I took the picture. Ohhh well... ya'll get the idea. 

Did I mention our amazing new couch came just in time for this here lady's birthday?! Best birthday present ever. I came into work to find my little area decorated for my birthday. How cute, right? Definitely made my day feel even more special. I have fantastic coworkers. I decided to leave the decorations up all week too. They make me smile.

This makes me smile too!! Check out this post to read all about this flier! Very exciting stuff happening here people!

If you are local, here is the second flier. Hooray for helping others! I am so excited!
Looking forward to my time away! Have a great weekend...


  1. I miss my sectional!! I keep seeing them everywhere now. I need one again. :)

    your baby is AH-DORable!!

    1. This is the first sectional we've had and I definitely recommend :)
      Thanks Jodi we think he is perfect but we are partial to him (of course!)

  2. I love your birthday decorations! Way too cute! :)

    1. Thanks Holly! I still have them up... :)


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