Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear Grayson

Dear Grayson,
You are seven months old today. SEVEN months! Where does the time go? You are growing up so fast. I feel like I already need to start planning your first birthday party! People always say don't compare your children but it's so hard for us not to.  You are so different than your brother was at this age. You just started sleeping through the night (yay!) and while you don't do it every single night, the nights that you do feel so strange for me. I am so used to waking up with you that it feels unnatural not to. I automatically wake up at 3:00 a.m. thinking its time to feed you but you don't always need it anymore. Just another sign that you are getting older.

You started eating baby food this past month. You HATE peas and I can't blame you. I am considering making your baby food to give you more of a variety. Avocados anyone? You aren't very enthused by what we offer you. Your favorites are still bananas and sweet potatoes.  You are much picker than your brother ever was when it comes to food. You also just tried Puffs for the first time and you really seem to like those too. If I had to guess, I would say that you will be eating table food sooner rather than later. The other night at dinner you were sitting on my lap and you grabbed spaghetti right off my plate and attempted to put it in your mouth. Whenever we are eating ANYTHING you watch us like a hawk.  You've also attempted to steal my cup and drink from that too. Even though you are teething like crazy, you have still been in such good spirits. I don't know how your Daddy and I got to be so lucky. Your two bottom teeth are mostly in. Now, your top two teeth are coming in.

You are sitting up on your own now and you are SO ACTIVE!  You are never sitting still. Your legs or arms are always moving. We like to put you on the floor and let you play on your quilt but you never stay in one spot anymore. You can scoot or army crawl to wherever you want. Lately you are very interested in all of the cords by Daddy's video games or whatever Aidan is playing with (of course!). You work SO HARD to get to your destination and you never give up. When you finally reach wherever it is you are trying to go, we put you back on your quilt but you try again. You never give up. I hope that as you get older that never changes. I love that about you.

You love to talk. Where you get this from, I don't know. ;) I think you enjoy hearing the sound of your own voice. I love it too. Your favorite new thing to do is interact with Aidan. I think you've figured out that if you squeal loudly enough you can get his attention and then the two of you "talk" to each other. Aidan loves to make you laugh and talk by playing peek-a-boo with you. You think this is the funniest thing in the world. You laugh and laugh.

You are so good natured and are always happy. You smile whenever someone smiles at you. You are looking more and more like a little boy and not a baby. You are a cookie cutter of your brother and Daddy. The three of you look exactly the same. Except you have red hair like Grandpa. Some people have taken to calling you a "ginger"...I just call you CUTE!

You are everything we could have hoped for and more. I love you more than words can explain.


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